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Caring For Your Flowers at Home

You'll find a few great tips for maintaining your floral arrangements and bouquets at home. These will help you get the best out of your blooms after they've left our caring hands. 
Arrangements in Floral Foam: water daily, careful not to overfill.
Bouquets for Vases: trim the stems at least 1cm, on a sharp angle. Remove any leaves that sit below the waterline as they will spoil the water. Always clean your vase and replace with fresh water every couple of days. Recut stems on each water change.
Position your flowers away from draughts, direct heat + sunlight. As some flowers will last longer than others, remove the spent blooms to prevent spoiling the blooms still alive.
We know you love the gift wrapping on Bouquets + Cut Flowers, however to enjoy your flowers for as long as possible, its always best to remove the wrapping for adequate airflow.
And of course, Enjoy!